Trowunna hosts ZAA pilot program

Trowunna hosted Nick De Graaf, from the Zoo & Aquarium Association (ZAA) offices, who conducted positive welfare outcome appraisals. This was part of a pilot program for the adoption of the new Animal Welfare Position Statement.

The Animal Welfare Position Statement is a ZAA initiative, developed in partnership with the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy, and provides a contemporary framework that focuses on providing positive welfare states. The statement recognises the high level of importance the industry places on animal welfare.

We were proud to host part of the pilot program, which took a more holistic view of animal welfare. Nick De Graaf examined the animals' positive states across the five physical domains for nutrition, environment, health, behaviour, and metal or affective state. Our residents examined included Tasmanian devils, Spotted-tail quolls, Eastern quolls, Wombats, Macropods, Wedge-tailed eagles, and Blue-tounged lizards.