VIP tours

For those nature lovers who want more, we offer 2 specialised VIP tours.

Our first offering is a private tour for 1 or 2 hours with your own guide. The tour will give you a greater overall understanding of the Sanctuary and what we are trying to achieve with our conservation programs. This intimate close up encounter with our wildlife is a must for animal lovers who want more than a general tour can provide . This tour has a minimum of 2 people.

For something that will leave you with memories and feelings that will last you a lifetime we  have the "Trowunna Experience". This 4 hour journey will see you immersed in to the world of Trowunna' s wildlife.  This encounter has been designed as an experiential workshop and depending on your areas of interest, we can tailor your tour to suit. From learning about the contemporary issues facing our Tasmanian wildlife, to picking up amazing information that only decades of hands on experience can give you, you'll definitely have a milestone to talk about. The "Trowunna Experience" has a minimum of 4 people

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